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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 28, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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have pulled off to southeast, now down toward norfolk pulling away from everybody. we even left some breaks in the cloud cover, a little bit of fog, while while the rest of us will have a fairly quiet morning at the moment. we're going to stay in the 70s today with more showers and storms possible a little bit later on. it's 6:00 a.m. time for traffic. >> it seems like we have a couple trouble spots that are concentrated in this part of maryland. the interloop, one accident and then on vw parkway going southbound approaching the belt way or just passed it, we have another accident. we zoom on in you see 95 here we have more crash activity that continues to take away a left land. we're living outside and show you over all the flow of traffic between florida and georgia avenue. as we take it to 66 we're
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watching some more congestions though between route 50 towards 123. slow in two spots, once between group one slowing down again fairfax county project 7100 and 6:44. back to you. thank you. 800,000 people are expected to get out of town for the holiday. and at some point it's going to see they're all from the bay bridge. she joins us from the other side of the bridge. good morning chris citizen. >> i want you all to check out the bay bridge right behind me. don't you always looked like that. i pretty much can guarantee you it's going to be much more congested as the day goes on as we get closer and closer to this holiday weekend. join us now in terms of what we can expect lonnie explains a spokesman from aaa, you came
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prepared. >> hey, it's beach time baby. yeah, we're projecting about 800,000 getting out of town. the recession is going in a way and the weather is supposed to be good and they're expecting huge crowds. >> talk to me more about the crowds, specifically, how many more people are going to be on the road this year as opposed to last year and maybe previous memorial day weekend? >> we're estimating about 46, 47,000 more people will be headed out of town this year. it's about 6 and a half percent up. big number really it shows the attitude about the recession is really down packed. and people really want to get out of town and it looks like they're going to be doing so in really big numbers. almost 680,000 of those folks are going to be on the highways alone. >> so, you know, it seems that the recession is starting to decline.
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you cite that as one of the reasons for this increase in traffic over the holiday weekend, what are some of the other factors? >> gas prices are going down. year after year it's like memorial day gas prices are going up. no, no, they're going down. we're down -- i filled up at 2.69. the further you get away from washington, the better the prices are. >> thank you so much. thanks for being with us. we'll have more coming up with 6:30. wearing one of the key things you need for the summer, a good hat. before you hit the road go to our website, you can get real time road updates and check out all of our live traffic cameras. when it comes to buying a home at the beach, resort real estate market it's moving again. compared to 180 last year at this time. that's a 20% up wing in ocean
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-- buyer's market. >> it's usually the ones that have been sitting on the sidelines for the last eight years watching this all pass by. they may have had thoughts of buying back in 2003 and' 4 and cxsgdef pull the trigger now they're taking adds vantage of the market that's back to those numbers. >> however, some experienced homeowners are not as optimistic many have seen the values of their home drop as much as 38% in two years. for some people memorial day is about signing a great sell. well, of course the car dealership know we have a little extra time on our hand. they want to make your -- to drive up in a new car. it's hard, of course, to miss all the ads on tv. but what should you expect if you do hit it? here is what you should expect,
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se i zero% financing, the percentage of vehicles purchased was 0% in march. hit a record of all new card deals that were financed. partners at usa report, general motors, and toyota are among the auto makers offering zero percent deals this month. how good are all of the deals. well given all the ads zero deals you think there's an average industry incentive value has been getting smaller not larger. the average value of an incentive was just over $2,600 in april. that's down 5% from march. down 13% from the same time last year. what is different this year the incentives are smaller from the likes of chrysler, foreign and gm. they're expected to be up still is pretty good money. the deals are so good just not as good as this time last year.
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>> can everyone who goes find that 0% deal get it? >> absolutely not you have to have good credit to qualify. >> read that fine print. think of that. >> thank you. at 6 after the hour, metro lane, trains will single track between east falls church in india go. there will be no -- you'll have to take a shuttle bus between the two for thes of the line. and soon you'll have to pay more for that ride on metro as expected the board of directors approved the biggest fair hike in the transit systems history. here are the basics, a base rush hour fare goes up 30 cents to $1.95. pack on another -- or from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. bus riders will pay an extra 25 cents for -- board member is upset paying the fare hit it is
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bourbon riders the hardest. >> the one thing that dis appointments me the most, growing disparity and fair box recovery rate for bus versus rail. >> the fire hike plan faces one final vote next month. it should be approve with the the new prices taking affect june 27th. a man is thrown from the fifth floor of parking garage and somehow garage. now police want to find out who has tossed him. two robbers shoved the 29-year- old victim off the ride. he landed in mulch which probably saved his life. another key vote comes today on the repeal of don't ask don't tell, the house and senate committee both approved the repeal thursday. for a minute what happened next and what opponents are saying. we're focused on m.d. ad's weather and traffic. >> good morning maryland it's quiet there.
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it was rocking last night with thunderstorms that rolled through. we could see a few more showers and storms today. let's look at what's happening for the day. we do expect a quiet, maybe next couple of hours just a slight chance of temperatures start in the low to mid 60s. by 9:00 we can't rule out an isolated shower popping up here and there. lunchtime, you know, we're going the make 71 for camp spring. 72 down in southern maryland. everybody this afternoon low to mid-70s with a chance of showers and storms. angie? >> taking a look at vw parkway it's right passed the belt way that's where we have this crash activity. look at about way this is near 4. obviously no real traffic to report. and then we want to take you over to new hampshire and lockwood drive where we remain worry free early on this friday. it's going to be a great day my friend. 9news now will be right back.
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>> 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico. yyob
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it is 6:10 we've turned our focus now to disaster in the gulf. you can see something is still shooting out of the gulf floor, we're not sure if it's oil, the mud being pumped in or some combination of the two. bp says it hosts to know -- hopes to know by later today whether the procedure is working. it could run tests. today president obama will head back to louisiana he'll get a firsthand look at the damage from this spill. the president held a press
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conference yesterday for the first time since the spill began five weeks ago. he said both he an the federal government are fully engaged in solving the problem. >> it is my job to make sure that everything is don to shut this down. the government now estimates this spill has eclipsed the 1989 disaster involving the exxon valdez. today the house will take a final vote on house spending bill. tucked in inside repeal of don't ask don't tell rule. it will allow openly gay and lesbian troops to serve in the military. here is last night's vote. >> on this vote, the yeas are 234 and nays are 194. amendment is adopted which it is a milestone for gays and lesbians in the military. late thursday night the house approved a provision to repeal the don't ask don't tell
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policy. the military standard which requires servicemen and women to not reveal their sexual orientation. earlier in a 16 to 12 vote senate armed services committee approved same committee. >> don't ask don't tell policy doesn't serve best interest of military and doesn't reflect the best values of our country. >> still it was not without a fight. >> this action cuts the men and women in the military completely out of the prosays. >> president obama says he was pleased with the house and committee buy partisan votes he had promised in his state of the union to repeal the law. >> this yearly work with congress and our military and finally repeal the law to deny gay americans of country they love because of who they are. >> the battle is far from over, the pentagon must still complete a study which will examine the impact changing the law will have a on a range of issues. and it faces a likely tougher
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challenge in the senate, a position that can turn into a fill buster. still the votes are seen as -- who view don't ask don't tell as a shameful policy that's no longer relevant. cbs news. at 6:13 this friday morning here is what's in the news now, another arrest in connection with this month' time square bomb square. the associated reports pakistan man was taken into custody. at least 55 people are dead after a train derailment. it happened early this morning in eastern india. some investigators blame terrorists. the government's hurricane prediction is out. it says there could be 23 named storms this year and 7 major hurricanes. that will make it the busiest since 2005, and we know what that season was like. >> we had a very busy team
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period. >> decade l. we're in an active time frame in the last 15 years we've had eight of the top ten hurricane seasons. >> a lot of people hurricane churning up in the gulf could mean. >> it means it would be a good thing it would break up the oil into smaller pieces so natural degradation and may copes that feed on it can benefit -- assuming it didn't push a large swamp on shore. speaking of a two edge sword we have a rain that helps with growing seed, the allergy update at least before the storms came in was through the roof yesterday and grass were high. mold was moderate, the weeds wereless. if you were suffering yesterday there could be several reasons why that was occurring. this morning as we look at your forecast for the next three days, hey, we're going to see some showers and storms on and off for today and tomorrow.
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sunday looks like a summary day. 70s into upper 80s on sunday which is slight chance of shower. same story on -- it's going to be hot with temps around 90. that's spotty shower south is gone. partly to mostly cloudy, low 60s to low 70s, cooler today than yesterday. we were 93 yesterday. today mid maybe upper 70s with scattered showers an storms. then tonight more showers and -- slows -- 70 at reagan national. 64 at the naval air station. 66 in fredricks bug. fairfax at 64. everyone low 60s for montgomery
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county. if i recallly 70 at reagan national mostly cloudy and east wind at 7. easterly winds has won coming off the ocean. there's a front in the neighborhood, so that means something to focus on and we do expect more showers and storms to be developing as we go throughout the afternoon scattered about. even on saturday we're going to have more showers. here is noon. look at the model here popping thunderstorms and showers by sunday we're in a lot better shape. as far as temps today, mid- 70s,. seven day forecast looks like this, kind of cool and comfortable today and tomorrow relatively speaking mid to upper 70s scattered showers and storms from time to time. sunday and monday it gets hot around here again. 90 on memorial. better chance of storms on tuesday we head back to work and school. it is 6:16. how is that friday commute
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going. >> some good news a lot of our accidents in the maryland area have cleared out. it's in virginia we're finding our next problem. this is the situation, we have sink hole here. this is at beach tree. we know that southbound lanes can't get by. those are closed, excuse me southbound is open. it's northbound lanes that remain closed it looks like looking at this live picture. i'm going to estimate throughout the rush hour just to play it safe. let's flip it on over for those of you who are beach bounds. well off peak hours leave before 11:00 a.m. but take note, the naval academy commencement that's taking place between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. so we're going to see a lot of traffic pick up that's going to impact your drive. ps the vice president is speaking there, so factor in some security detail for that. 270 down to montro seeing a
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little bit of that speed trying to drop. looks like we are in the green 13 minutes and going through 95 over the dullless toll road. back to you. our time right now is 6:18. we turn our attention to the campaign in the district and two big endorsements both for council chairman. the police and firefighter union giving their support to challenger. they say mayor adrian, it's worth noting -- without the union support. now a follow up to a story bruce johnson reported on earlier this week, chairman gray was denied an exception for the fence outside his home. a city committee overseen by mayor -- told gray to either lower the fence or take it down. it was built without the proper permit. his neighbors had given it throblessing. a senior prank lands high school student in hot water
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with police. 18-year-old charged with breaking into thomas high school and setting free more than a hundred -- crickets. and if greece isn't having enough problems with its financial crisis in rioting, now fraud. millions of them taking over -- frogs. major highway was shutdown to try to avoid hitting the frogs. the frogs, they're outlooking for food. eyes. it is 6:19 ahead in sports. amazing finish in last night's game. plus new twist in rivalries between.
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back before there was luxury suits hockey was an outdoor sports. guys used to shovel the snow and play until they were too cold to fill their fingers. this winter the -- the caps and penguins it was announced yesterday will play in this year's nhl winter classic. it will take place at line field on new year's day. this will be the fourth winter classic. the first three were played in buffalo and fenway park in boston. baseball thursday night giants game by the bay top one adam dunn josh with the home run in the second. ten for dunn, 2-0nats lead. justin max well pounds that into the turf, look at that maryland man hustle. beats it out at first alberto gonzalez scores in the 7th giants with the the pair on he slaps that to left, two run
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score giants take the lead 5-4 and that's how it would end. that is a quick look at sports this morning. have a great friday everybody. one other sports note. watched what happened at the end of last night's nba play off game. it was tied at-1. -- 1-1. ron artest with a game winner. lakers take it 103-101. they can close out the series is the night. a local police department accused of beating a prisoner. plus the set up is underway, learn when you can concert on the national mall this weekend. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when you're trying to lose weight,
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a live look at which he is peak bay bridge it's the time to be there now, because soon it will be filled with drivers heading to the beach. and we have the conditions right now you'll need to know and what you need to know before hitting the road coming up. so thank you for starting your friday with us, i'm meteorologist howard bernstein
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is with the forecast and the rest of us are sitting out in the backyard. >> the storms are over. think gone. the sun is shining a really pleasant morning out here. however, there's going to be some more showers storm activity today, tonight and again on saturday. we'll show you what's been happening since last night, the big storms push through, there they go, quickly they have moved through the south. temperatures in the 60s to around 70. 70 at national. we're in the mid 60s here in northwest. decent start of the day, there were more clouds and storms, with enough sun upper 70s weekends forecast coming up. right now here is your commuter information. >> at beach tree lane that's where we have a sink hole all northbound lanes shutdown. the way to get around use blue herring take that over to beach view that will let you access this road once again f. you're
6:30 am
traveling on 95 towards richmond let's take it outside making your way towards virginia beach or the carolinas, right now so far so god v.d.o.t. telling us right after noon that's where delays is expected to start building throughout the day. 395 heading northbound seeing a little bit of congestion, inbound a lit slow. really no problems toward that tunnel. back to you. >> thank you. at 6:30 there are probably some of you getting ready to leave the house and head out of town, a lot more of you wish you could to beat the traffic. we're watching holiday travel chris and fisher joins us live, she's ahead of the crowd accept for, she's got to come back here. hi. >> i'm heading to the beach this weekend. i've got to drive all the way back to d.c. and all the way back avoid that if you can at
6:31 am
all costs we are already starting to see traffic pick up right here on the bay bridge. i want you to take a look at this, eastbound lanes, those lanes are moving very slowly at the moment. it has been traffic -- traffic has been, you know, increasing throughout the morning hour and it's only going to get worse and joining me now is ron anderson with aaa this is the man who knows all about memorial weekend travel. ron, how bad is this going to get? >> you're about to find out. you're actually going back to d.c. to come back here. >> i know. i know. it's crazy. >> later today it's going to be mile long lines to get through the toll booth. >> you're killing me. >> that's the story. we're projecting some 680,000 people on the road alone. so these are big numbers. there are going to be lines out of town, i don't care whether you're going to the ocean or whether you're going to the mountains or out 270 westbound. there are going to be lines. it's big travel weekend. >> lots more people on the road
6:32 am
this memorial day weekends over last year. is there anything that we can do to beat the traffic. travel off peak if you don't want the big lines. you haven't left yet, really, probably any time before 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon will be good. after 1:00 or 2:00 it's going to be building of course you can travel later tonight or very early tomorrow morning. same thing again coming back into town, you know, monday afternoon monday evening going to be very heavy. a lot of people have decided this is the time to get out of town. >> hit the roads early. >> juan has been kind enough to bring out his aaa beach ball. andrea during the snowstorms i attempted to throw a snowball at the camera, now i have something bigger than a in the spirit of summer i'm going to throw it back to you. yes. made it that time. back to you. >> thank you. well, there's a lot going
6:33 am
on here in washington for people staying in town or coming in for a visit. crews are setting up for annual concert on the national mall. it's ton the best side of the capital. you can catch the rehearsal saturday night fred is this year's headliner. the motorcycle rolling thunder will thunder into town today in honor of those who died, especially those who died in the vietnam war. they should arriving this afternoon. expect plenty of riders heading across the river and on to the national mall all weekend long. soldiers from the third u.s. infan industry are making sure arlington cemetery is appropriately decorated for the holiday. they're placing a quarter million flags on gray stone. the flags ceremony has taken place every year since 1948. this morning on our website we're asking you where will you spend the holiday weekend at the beach, at home or maybe at work, voter in -- vote in our poll today when you visit
6:34 am a man died shortly after he's arrested now maryland state police are involved in the investigation. green belt city police say 42- year-old fought them before he died in their custody wednesday morning. police say family members wanted to issue an assault warrant on him. cops beat him while his mother watched. >> he was probably five-seven and he was thin as a rail. i understand it was three police officers. i'm not quite sure exactly why there was blood everywhere, but i'm sure they'll investigate an find out why. >> several officers involved in the incident are on administrative leave with pay pending the out come pending the investigation by maryland state police. coming up on 6:35, we've got the latest on the disaster in the gulf. this is live look nearly a mile below the surface of gulf of
6:35 am
mexico. it's unclear if that's mud or oil shooting out from the gulf floor. bp should know by later today whether it's top kill method is working it comes as president obama makes a trip to the gulf coast. here is more on that story. >> reporter: it's now being called the largest oil spill in u.s. history. they estimate the deep water gusher is at least twice the size of exxon valdez disaster. it came on the same day thick mud into the well had actually been suspended for about 16 hours thursday unbeknownest to money. some were outraged when they heard the news. >> it's unacceptable to trust bp. whatever they say is meant to minimize situations, they haven't been transparent. they're not honest with people. >> but bp officials dispute that though they did offer an apology. >> i probably should apologize for folks that we haven't been
6:36 am
given more data on that. >> reporter: bp is monitoring the situation and now says it could be later today if they know if the top kill procedure is actually working. also under fire the obama administration accused of not taking charge of efforts to stop the leak. ahead of its tour today, his second since the spill began, president obama responded to some of the criticism. >> the american people should know that from the moment this disaster began, the federal government has been in charge of the response effort. as far as i'm concerned, bp is responsible for this horrific disaster and we hold this fully accountable. the gulf coast is bracing for the massive oil spill inching closer and closer to shore. residents here say they need more resources to combat the crude, a cry the president will hear firsthand. our coverage of the disaster in the gulf continues
6:37 am
at and watch all of our reports as well as those from our sister stations nationwide. a living smart report is just six minutes away. what are you working on? >> reporter: fiver of the worst travel rip offs we'll tell you what they are and how to avoid them coming up. howard begins our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. >> we had some big storms yesterday upwards of 7 tenths of an inch down. we had power outage. but things are getting back to normal this morning. looking at what we expect for virginia today, it' quiet now, there will be more showers and storms bubbling up as we go throughout the day. quiet this morning. we are in the 60 most of the action is down in southeastern virginia even by 9:00 we have a chance for isolated showers temperatures get toward that 70- degree mark. lunchtime we're in the 70s.
6:38 am
warm spots will be south and west from here. 76 let's say in culpepper. temperatures won't move much more than that. scattered showers and storms this afternoon. still watching that sink hole crews working to fix it out, it's actually at beach tree lane. we know all northbound lanes are blocked. southbound you're getting by okay. taking it outside heading westbound trying to get in or excue me headed eastbound toward d.c. incidents and accident free. well, looks like we have very light traffic early on. the time now is 6:38, good friday morning you're waking up with 9news now.
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and at 6:43 jessica doyle joins us again for after living smart report. >> the last thing we want to do is over spend on our summer travel this year. we're learning again that americans are learning to spend just a little bit less on this summer budget. the last thing you want to do is spend money on a travel rip off you can't avoid. those rip offs are out there. you can find them in the form of extra fees at the airport and find charges at the hotel. here are five common rip offs and how to avoid. baggage fees of course, don't want to pay to carry on a bag. don't want to paycheck a bag, then pack light and carry on. that's going to save you from
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$15 to $45 per bag one way. some airlines are also charging you if you pick out your own seat in coach ahead of time, to avoid that fee, don't fly spirit or airtran. other airlines are charging you for things that use 9 to be free, 12 bucks for a pack that includes a pillow, blanket a and ear plugs. or you can bring your own and pay nothing. at no. 4, if book a flight using frequent flyer miles you're going to be charged 25 to $50 just to redeem this reward. it's hard to avoid this one so it may be time to switch to another carrier's program. some hotels are now charging you $15 a day for wifi. it's often free in public areas or consider another hotel. always call ahead of time. of course we have more tips online under the living smart section. you can find those out there.
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>> seems like avoid spirit if you don't want to pay. they'll charge you to breathe. when it comes to driving people in the district are not the worst in the nation, just the third worse. >> they're number three. >> we're trying hard. >> that's according to to a new study. the district has the 49th most knowledgeable drivers in the nation. the only two which are worst, that's right new jersey and new york. coming in 20th. virginia is 28th. the most knowledgeable drivers are in kansas. >> use your blinker, that's the thing that drivers me crazy. >> that's a good one. >> make sure your lights are working. >> and realize that that vehicle that is in your path, is solid and it's going to be crunch, that's what i encountered yesterday, just kept coming. >> it's okay not to talk on the
6:46 am
phone while you're driving. >> i've been to kansas, i've been to new york. it's completely different. >> just a reminder here, you -- the upper school is closed due to power outage, the lower school is open. we'll do that. also don't -- talking about sun awareness with the weekend. check out my blog, lots of information to help you avoid sun burn and skin cancer. let's talk about the forecast. yesterday 93, today mid maybe upper 70s with a few showers and storms around today tonight and again on saturday. sunday we're back to summertime upper 80s with sunshine. it is going to be much warmer as we head toward memorial day. bus stop forecast to spotty showers pretty much over with partly to mostly cloudy mild. sun came up hour ago.
6:47 am
cooler, scattered showers and storms today mid-70s maybe upper 70s southeast winds. mostly cloudy tonight with more showers and some thunder. low 60 to 65. and 8:25 in the sun set. cool spot that's' ton, but right now 59. 70 at national airport. mostly cloudy skies, dew points in the upper 50 with easterly flow. that's again bringing in some of that atlantic moisture and coolness. we do have some breaks in the cloud cover, showers from last night have pulled up and are weakening. and the on shore flow. so that will keep things a little bit cooler today we'll see more showers developing not all that much here and there, but again that threat for some showers and isolated thunderstorm that's with us tonight. this is midday. this is noon on saturday. everything is popping there. we will finally clear out in time for much better sunday and
6:48 am
monday around here. if you go to beach, saturday boy in the bay we are looking at the showers possible of 70s, waves aba foot. sunny and warmer 80 to 85 waves will beless than a foot. over toward the beaches notice water temperatures pushing 70 at the beach near the island. low 70s saturday showers southeast. saturday threat for sunshine as we warm up. that's the day you're going to need the sunscreen. any day is good. cooler today an tomorrow with showers at times. 70s much warmer sunday and monday with thunderstorm better chance on tuesday. it's 6:48. >> right, we're getting geared up for the 7:00 hour over all not so bad we're talking about den. taking a closer look into virginia. we still have anendale road shutdown because of beach tree
6:49 am
lane. you want to use blue herring to get back to beach view. we take it outside your delay stretching from 50 to 123 plus ten minutes to make it through that. on the outer loop we switch it over to maryland things dragging along, check it out a little bumper to bumper action here. we're seeing total drive time 10 to 15 minutes right now. 50 headed eastbound for those of you headed towards that bay bridge from the belt way through, happy to report no major incidents no major accidents at this time. remember you're going to want to travel during off peak hours any time before 11:00 a.m. this morning or after 10:00 p.m. keep in mind that we enable academy graduation going on between 10 and 1:00 p.m. back to you. >> sports, the nhl is affected to announce today the capitals will take part in one of two outdoor winter classics next year. canadian sports network it will be the cats and the penguins
6:50 am
january 1st at line field in pittsburgh there will be a second outdoor game. the canadians will visit the flames in february. unluck -- the giants came from behind and scored three runs. they begin a series in san diego tonight. and it was a crazy for the orioles they gave up five runs. baltimore loses 7-1. it is 6:50. 70 degrees here in northwest washington. get ready for big delays in metro on holiday weekend. what you need to know is just three minutes away. we'll be back.
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it's 6:53 on this friday morning. another vote of the repeal of don't ask don't tell is scheduled for today. the repeal is part of a defense spending bill in the house. it will allow gay andless beian troops to serve openly. expect big delays on metros
6:54 am
orange lines, starting tomorrow no service between east and westphals church. you'll need to take a shuttle bus. here is a live look at traffic, maryland state police will do what they can to keep things moving, but expect plenty of company later this afternoon. >> a little sunshine out there now. showers and couple of storms here and there. highs a lot cooler in the mid to maybe upper 70s. >> i'm harry smith, coming up pest free memorial day. shows you the bug sprays for your holiday barbecues on our health watch. sarah jessica parker tells us how she still relates to character that made her household name and what's next for sex in the city coming up on the early show.
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at 6:58 honor for music legend. kate smith was unvailed yesterday at the lincoln memorial. smith was born in greenville virginia. she's best known for herren decision of god bless america. every time that song is played for the boy scouts and girl scouts. >> all right. sink hole keeps all northbound lanes closed at beach tree lane as we take you maryland northbound, there we go, an accident blocked the left lane. you're backed up to 32. a live look at the toll plaza for those of you headed toward the eastern shore. leave early. expect heavy delays throughout
6:59 am
the day on route 50 as well as on 450 because of memorial day travel. >> we've got some sunmy breaks now it will be showerly at times today. keep the rain gear handy. that's tonight and tomorrow too. we warm up significantly though for sunday and monday. 90ish on monday. better chance on tuesday. please check out my blog for some safety tips. don't want you to get a sun burn or skin cancer. >> we are looking at higher open this morning. economic day, though,. >> the early show is next. they'll have more on the gulf spill and sarah jessica parker talking about the new sex in the city movie. >> have a wonderful memorial day weekend bringing it right back to you monday morning starting at 4:25.


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